In addition to our work at The University of Texas at Austin, we are two professional leaders committed to advancing others through education and self-improvement. As female executives, we have seen the barriers that have limited the speed and trajectory of women’s career growth.  We co-founded The Texas Women’s Summit as a platform for leveling these obstacles and as a springboard for professional and personal success. 


The content of the summit promises to be timely, fresh, and applicable. We wanted to do more to convene women in leadership and address issues such as, but not limited to, women’s appointments to board directorships, gender pay equity, women in venture capital, and work life balance.



Teri Thompson Texas Women's Summit Cofounder

Teri Lucie Thompson is a marketing executive, author, and founder of the Marketing to Moms Coalition and Institute for Higher Education Marketing.  Recognized as an innovator, disruptor, sideways-looker, and change agent, Teri aspires to the positivity in Lady Gaga’s quote, “I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.”



Liliya Spinazzola The Texas Women's Summit co-founderLiliya A. Spinazzola is an innovative and results-driven leader and a developer of successful businesses in the higher education sector.  She has extensive organizational development experience turning around for-profit and non-profit programs. Her passion for educational advancement and building programs has allowed countless people to achieve their professional and personal ambitions. 



Angie Nabors Texas Women's Summit

Angie Nabors is a seasoned meetings professional and owner of the event consulting firm, stratevent. Angie has extensive experience managing meetings and exhibits for small to large Fortune 500 companies. She sees meetings beyond just the logistics and partners to create a strategic plan that will create the greatest impact to its attendees.  




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